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TaxRight Stamp Management System

TaxRight has developed a Tax Stamp Management System that works in conjunction with TaxRight to manage the wholesaler's tax stamp inventory from time of receipt to time of application.  The TaxRight Stamp Management System (SMS) uniquely identifies each roll of stamps at the time of receipt and maintains a perpetual inventory of all stamps in the building.  The SMS can manage stamps for multiple machines in multiple buildings in one database and allows for centralized reporting on all stamp inventory and usage.  SMS can track activity for up to four tax heads simultaneously, alerts the operator when a roll is getting low on stamps and stops the Stamper when a minimum level of tax stamps is reached on the roll thereby preventing cartons from not getting a stamp.


The Stamp Management Reporting package includes:

     Check1 Stamp roll purchasing reporting

     Check1 Real time perpetual inventory

     Check1 Maintains full history of activity for each stamp roll

     Check1 Auditor report lists retail location where each stamp went for each roll

     Check1 Stamp Usage Report lists all stamp activity for a range of dates


Contact ProCat today to find out how TaxRight and the TaxRight Stamp Management System can help you effectively manage your cigarette tax stamping needs.


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