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Truck Loading Package Verification - Ensuring Perfect Deliveries
While the PickRight picking process is key to providing accurate, customized customer order fulfillment, the loading process is just as important to ensure those orders are accurately loaded onto the correct route delivery truck thereby preventing costly mistakes and returns as well as unsatisfied customers. LoadRight prevents the loading of incorrect cartons and catches incomplete orders onto the delivery route truck before the delivery is made. LoadRight uses the same hands free wrist worn touch screen PC and ring scanner that is used for PickRight and interfaces with PickRight to create truck loading files. As operators are loading packages onto the truck they scan the PickRight package label barcode confirming that all the packages being loaded are correct and alert the operator to any missing packages.  The loading can be confirmed by route, stop and area as well as by pick ticket.


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   Check1 Load by Stop, Pick Ticket or Stop and Area
   Check1 Confirm correct packages are loaded
   Check1 Uses PickRight hardware
   Check1 No interface required
 LoadRight reporting includes:
   Check1 LoadRight Packages Loaded
   Check1 LoadRIght Package Status
   Check1 LaodRight Package Scan Detail
LoadRight provides another important component in order fulfillment maximizing your efficiency and ensuring satisfied customers.  Contact ProCat today to see how LoadRight can integrate with your process ensuring accurate package loading and ensuring perfect deliveries.


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