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PickRight's proven solutions make PickRight THE choice for your distribution's order pick/load process. PickRight has the customizable features you need to meet the ever increasing demand from your customers for individualized order fulfillment as well as government regulations and track and trace requirements. In addition, ever increasing sku’s, particularly the proliferation of craft beers, requires state-of-the-art technology that responds rapidly with customized options that fits your supply chain process.


PickRight uses non-proprietary hands-free hardware that is both rugged and affordable. PickRight's visual display provides quick at-a-glance visual information and a rich feature set unavailable in traditional voice systems.  On screen picker productivity affords immediate feedback to keep your operators on target with expected rates.  Item color-coding provides customized highlighting of cases vs. eaches, new or deal items, etc. and enhances the visual display for rapid response. Features such as substitute items afford customization for unique individual order requirements.


PickRight’s scanning technology provides virtually 100% picking/loading accuracy eliminating the checking process and costly returns. Plus, the scanning process collects complete information pertaining to each selection providing a wealth of feedback and reporting capabilities to maximize your management of the pick shift, provide in-depth reporting and track each item and order. PickRight has incorporated scanning technology from its initial development and is at the core of what we do.


PickRight also includes Doorloader, a feature enabling the order selection process to be customized to the door positions on the route delivery truck. Doorloader automatically distributes the items to the designated number of truck doors, allows for manual override and supports the picking process by door.


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Non-proprietary hardware and the ability to interface with your existing OS (PickRight does not require a warehouse management system) makes PickRight affordable as well as efficient.  After the initial interfacing, PickRight can be up and running in your warehouse in less than a week! Combined with wireless printing for on-demand label printing, this combination affords unparalleled features not found in traditional voice systems.  PickRight supports:


                         Check1 Route Loading
                         Check1 Customer Loading
                         Check1 Door Loading
                         Check1 Pallet Weight Confirmation

                         Check1 UPC data capture


PickRight also supports Batch picking, Zone picking, Team picking, Wave picking, Pallet and Partial Pallet picking. PickRight provides extensive on-demand labels, price stickers and packing lists.  And PickRight has a complete line of reporting tools, including shift management for immediate allocation of your pick labor force to complete your picking shift's requirements on time.



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CIO Review - 20 Most Promising Food & Beverage Technology Solution Providers 2014

ProCat Distribution Technologies had been listed as one of the 20 Most Promising Food and Beverage Technology Solution Providers 2014 by CIO Review magazine.  Providing Picking, Loading, Shipping and Receiving Solutions, see how ProCat is incorporating next generation technology to meet the needs of your industry!

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ProCat is constantly updating PickRight based on industry trends and customer suggestions. Our User Conferences are a chance for customers to gather and review the features and processes of ProCat's complete line of solutions as well as network and share ideas. Contact ProCat today so we can show you how PickRight's rich feature set will help solve your supply chain challenges in today's ever changing and demanding environment.  Our ROI model will calculate your return time as well as the expected savings your company will experience. 



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