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PickRight Cigarette Workflow Solutions 

PickRight, ProCat's order picking system, includes features to enhance your cigarette order processing workflow.


ProCat has developed a PickRight to TaxRight Interface providing a powerful picking component to the cigarette operation by establishing a direct connection between the cigarette picking process and the stamping process. PickRight automatically creates a TaxRight import file reducing the processing time for stamping operators and enhancing the workflow design. 


PickRight also includes CigPak, a pre-stamp feature designed to enhance the efficiency of cigarette picking and repacking by calculating the pick process to best fit the "30 carton to box" size.  CigPak calculates the re-pack box best-fit as eaches and half cases are picked instructing the operator how to maximize the packing process.  Labels are printed as boxes are filled with eaches or complete half cases are picked. In this way CigPak automates the cigarette case re-pack and labeling process, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

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