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Increasing Accuracy and Productivity in Warehouses Everywhere ....

Warehousing operating budgets are becoming increasingly tighter, sku's are growing rapidly and customer demand for personalization is compelling unique solutions. Today's warehousing operations need state-of-the-art technology that responds rapidly with customized options that fits their supply chain process. ProCat's proven solutions make ProCat the go-to provider for your distribution's inbound, storage and outbound warehouse operations.
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From receiving and stocking; to picking, truck loading and delivery, ProCat has developed a complete line of cost effective solutions incorporating hands-free operations with non-propriety equipment and utilizing scanning technology to ensure virtually 100% accuracy each step of the way. The wrist worn touch screen display provides immediate at-a-glance information and a rich feature set unavailable in traditional voice systems.  Out of stock, catch weight, substitute items, reason codes as well as immediate productivity feedback and on-screen sku color coding for quick visualization of item type and location are only some of the system's functionalities.  Along with the visual display, the scanning technology provides immediate verification of each process as well as collecting a wealth of data for management control, tracking and reporting - all important features in the food industry.
ProCat's PickRight also provides Peer Benchmarking, an anonymous charting of peer productivity to help you see how your selection process compares to others in your industry with similar picking methodology and where to better focus your efforts to maximize improvements. 


Also check out ProCat's new ReturnRight, our returns proccesing and put-away station and CodeRight, our GS1 labeling system for catch weight management. 



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CIO Review - 20 Most Promising Food & Beverage Technology Solution Providers 2014

ProCat Distribution Technologies had been listed as one of the 20 Most Promising Food and Beverage Technology Solution Providers 2014 by CIO Review magazine.  Providing Picking, Loading, Shipping and Receiving Solutions, see how ProCat is incorporating next generation technology to meet the needs of your industry!

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ProCat is a ZEBRA Technologies PartnerEmpowered Solution Provider ensuring a fully interoperable mobility solution.  Our distribution solutions work seamlessly with Zebra products providing industrial grade non-proprietary hardware proven to work in distribution environments. 

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We invite you to contact us and see for yourself how ProCat is providing the solutions for improving accuracy and productivity in warehouses everywhere!


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