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Hands Free Purchase Order Receiving
Along with order fulfillment, a key component of any warehouse operation is inventory receipt and control.  ReceiveRight is ProCat's software application that confirms the accuracy of in-bound freight, provides label printing for put-away and furnishes a Purchase Order Summary.


The Receiver uses the same hands free wrist worn touch screen PC with ring scanner that PickRight uses and either scans the barcode on the Purchase Order or selects the PO from a list box on the wearable. Cases are then scanned as they are checked in. ReceiveRight alerts the Receiver of any wrong or missing cases. If a product has an overage, the Receiver can either accept the overage or reject it.
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Operator options include Not Received (including mis-shipped or damaged items), Manual Scan (for items that do not have a barcode), Partial Receive, Allow Overages  and Adjustments to un-receive or undo a not-received item.
                     Check1 Confirm Accuracy of In-Bound Freight
                     Check1 Label Printing for Put-Away
                     Check1 Uses PickRight Hardware
                     Check1 Purchase Order Summary Printing
Complementing ReceiveRight is ProCat's StockRight for back-stock inventory and replenishment.  Each provides the accuracy and control you demand in today’s supply chain environment.  Together they provide a powerful receiving and stocking system to help complete your distribution process. Contact ProCat today to see how ReceiveRight and ProCat’s complete line of distribution solutions provides the tools you need in today’s ever demanding and changing environment.


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