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Returns Receiving, Processing and Put-Away

Returns are a particular concern to the Convenience Industry.  Even with the most efficient fulfillment systems, some returns are inevitable due to damages or marketing changes.  Prompt processing and automated disposition are essential.  ProCat's ReturnRight manages customer returns utilizing scanning technology to identify the item, customer and order and automating the subsequent options enabling a quick and efficient disposition of the returns.  
ReturnRight consists of a networked Return Station with a touch screen PC, wireless scanner and two printers, one for printing vendor box labels and one for printing reports. Daily data files are sent to ReturnRight providing current information of customers, products and vendors.  As returns are received, they are scanned at the ReturnRight Station and are identified as expected returns, unexpected returns, driver returns, warehouse damages or marketing returns. Depending on the identification, the operator is prompted as to whether the returned item is saleable or unsaleable and whether the item can be returned to stock, sent to the returns room or sent to trash or reclamation.
ReturnRight prompts the operator each step of the process to provide complete control and reporting over your returns. ReturnRight maintains a perpetual inventory of returns by vendors and allows for instructions to be customized by vendor or item.   An export file is also available to be sent to the host system detailing ReturnRight activity for additional reporting and processing.
Find out how ReturnRight can help automate and simplify your return process.


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