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Driver Route Delivery System with Electronic Signature Capture

Perfect Deliveries and More ....

Accurate customized customer order fulfillment with PickRight, verified truck loading with LoadRight and now, ShipRight, providing perfect customer deliveries …. and more!


ShipRight is ProCat's application for drivers, replacing the driver's paperwork that wholesalers are currently using. ShipRight provides the driver with a route list of the customers he will be delivering to that day.  At each delivery point, ShipRight scans the barcode on each package verifying that is part of that delivery preventing under or over packages and ensuring accurate, complete deliveries. 


ShipRight also provides receivables instructions, tote collection information and allows for electronic signature capture with an easy signature storage and retrieval program.


ShipRight Quote


           Check1 Replaces Driver's Paperwork

           Check1 Displays Route and Customers

           Check1 Confirms Packages for Each Delivery - Pallet/Package Scanning

           Check1 Provides Receivables and Totes Instructions

           Check1 Includes Electronic Signature Capture


In addition, ShipRight includes temperature recording, credit term enforcement, mileage tracking as well as driver productivity metrics.


ShipRight reporting includes:

            Check1 A/R Activity

            Check1 Dielivery Discrepencies

            Check1 Delivery Manifest

            Check1 Package Detail by Stop

            Check1 Proof of Delivery

            Check1 Route Summary

            Check1 Undelivered Packages

            Check1 And More!


ShipRight provides another important component in order fulfillment maximizing your efficiency and ensuring satisfied customers. Contact ProCat today to see how ShipRight can integrate with your process ensuring accurate package loading and ensuring perfect deliveries.


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