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Back Stock Inventory and Replenishment
Along with inventory receipt and control (ReceiveRight) another critical component of the distribution process is stock inventory and replenishement.  ProCat's StockRight provides a simple method for restockers to find back-stock inventory and replenish picking bins.  StockRight uses the same hands free touch screen PC and ring scanner as PickRight and can use data captured by ReceiveRight to drive put-away. The wrist unit displays the back slot and pick bin from host product file.  The restocker scans the slots that need to be restocked and enters the quantity needed on the wrist unit.  The restocker can also be directed to locations where restock products have been stored based on product storage data.
StockRight also integrates with PickRight's out-of-stock feature.  Items that are flagged for restocking during the pick shift will be displayed for the restocker directing the restocker to the oldest product location for the item.
Reporting includes:
           Check1 Items not restocked with reason codes
           Check1 Cycle counting tools
Complementing StockRight is ProCat's ReceiveRight for purchase order receiving of in-bound freight.  Each provides the accuracy and control you demand in today's supply chain environment. Together they provide a powerful receiving and stocking system to help complete your distribution process.  Contact ProCat today to see how StockRight and ProCat’s complete line of distribution solutions provides the tools you need in today’s ever demanding and changing environment.


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