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CodeRight GS1 Bar Code Labeling for Catch Weight Management

ProCat’s CodeRight scale system produces GS1 bar code labels for products.  This simple to use system integrates a scale with table top touch screen computer and label printer and can be used as part of the picking or receiving process.  The operator places the item to be labeled on the scale, the weight displays on the computer screen and the operator prints a GS1 label for the item.  CodeRight can also capture a lot number, customer number or  date information and embed this information in the printed item bar code label.   CodeRight also has tools that compliment PickRight.  A truck route can be processed and all catch weight items on the route can be identified.  The items can be pre-picked and labeled with CodeRight labels.  CodeRight labels eliminate the need for special handling of catch weight items during the pick shift.  The PickRight picker scans the GS1 label that has been affixed to the item and all information from the label is extracted and sent back to the host for processing.
Find out how CodeRight can help automate SKU weight labeling for your picking and receiving process.


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