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What warehouses and distributors need to know about the 2019 chicken recall

Large food safety recalls can have a significant impact throughout the entire food supply chain, from the growers and food companies through the grocers, all the way to the end consumer. Researchers estimate that food safety incidents cost companies in the United States more than $7 billion every year, according to a report published by […]

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In the News – ProCat Distribution Technologies: Transforming Warehouses with Technology

Sound warehouse management is essential for a reliable supply chain and to prevent shortages and holdups. It is the primary factor which makes a company’s product and services more trustworthy for its customer. ProCat, a US-based Distribution Technology Provider Company is offering flexibility in warehouse management, so the products flow efficiently through the system. An Ingenious Leader  Steve Stomel, CEO of ProCat Distribution grew up in the distribution industry, […]

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