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Introducing ProCat’s 10 in 18 Initiative

ProCat Distribution Technologies is a warehouse solutions company based out of Gibbsboro, NJ. Our goal is to bring technology into warehouses to make distribution processes quick and simple.

Our software solutions can improve accuracy and productivity in distribution centers. While our solutions may not be a fit for everyone, they are ideal for warehouses everywhere that can benefit from implementing affordable and effective technology.

While we are based in New Jersey, we offer our products to distribution centers throughout the United States. In fact, 200 warehouses across 41 states use our software applications to complete their jobs every day.

But some companies still haven’t heard of us, and that’s what we want to change. We want to spread our message in New Jersey so that our state’s warehouses and distribution centers can thrive and succeed.

From this goal to increase our customer base in New Jersey, the 10 in 18 initiative was born.

What is the 10 in 18 Initiative?

ProCat Distribution Technologies wants to bring our solutions to 10 new New Jersey Companies in the year of 2018. We realized that we couldn’t make this possible unless more companies heard of us. We can only accomplish our goal if companies learn about our solutions and how they can improve accuracy. Therefore, we developed strategies to help get our name out there.

How will we accomplish this goal?

As a part of the New Jersey 10 in 18, we joined the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, otherwise known as the NJBIA. Additionally, our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Joanna Swank, became an NJBIA Ambassador.

By doing this, Joanna hopes to create a series of NJBIA economical educational programs for businesses throughout Southern New Jersey. The programs would include roundtable discussions, warehouse tours, and featured speaker presentations.

She also has a goal of spreading the word that NJBIA is more than an insurance and healthcare organization. It is a community of people who want to help make businesses flourish in New Jersey.

Through supporting NJBIA, we believe that we can grow our New Jersey customer base at ProCat Distribution Technologies. More people will hear our name, which will result in more companies learning about our effective warehouse solutions. Through this partnership, NJ 10 in 18 is likely to be a success.

To learn more about ProCat Distribution Technologies and our warehouse solutions, contact us by visiting or calling 866-776-2285.