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One of ProCat’s Own Named One of the Top Twenty Under 40

At ProCat Distribution Technologies, our employees are always working to deliver superior service to our customers. We hire experienced, dedicated individuals who are determined to help us grow and offer solutions to warehouses nationwide.

As a family-owned business, we love to keep our business close to home. Therefore, we welcomed Jeffrey David Stomel, a member of our family, to ProCat a little over one year ago. Jeffrey brings Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accounting, a CPA license, and consulting experience with him to our team.

Since becoming a member of the ProCat community, Jeffrey has significantly helped us improve our warehouse pick systems. He assists our finance, marketing, sales, and operations teams and is an integral part of every step of the process.

Jersey’s Finest

South Jersey Biz magazine has officially recognized Jeffrey as one of the Top 20 Professionals on the Rise in the South Jersey Business Community. This award lists individuals under 40 years old who have made a significant difference in the business world within our region. So not only do we notice how vital Jeffrey is to our company, but South Jersey does, too.

During his time at ProCat, Jeffrey has helped us grow and succeed for our clients. His 10-year goal is to help us expand to more distribution centers throughout the nation and show them how our warehouse order picking software can improve their business. Because, just like the rest of us, he knows how drastically our products can improve accuracy and productivity while reducing customer claims.

Jeffrey’s Advice

Jeffrey serves as an inspiration for young people everywhere. As a respected professional, he wants to offer this advice:

“From a young age, I was always taught that ‘it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.’ Always doing the right thing and striving to be the best version of myself has enabled me to continuously grow and experience the best life has to offer.”

ProCat proudly supports Jeffrey’s message and wants to instill this mindset in young people. Keep working, keep striving, and you could change lives every day.

To learn more about ProCat’s team and what we can offer to distribution centers, please contact us by visiting or calling 866-776-2285.