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The PickRight solution works in conjunction with the other ProCat modules to provide comprehensive, end-to-end warehouse management. Implementing PickRight is fast and easy because it works with all ERP systems and does not require a WMS. To expand technology to other parts of the warehouse, companies can choose which ProCat solution to implement next, based on their timeline and business needs.

ProCat solutions are used across the country in the beverage, convenience, foodservice, spirits, electrical, and hardware industries. ProCat is committed to delivering highquality, high-performing solutions that provide excellent results for their customers.

For nearly two decades, ProCat Distribution Technologies has been helping hundreds of small to mid-sized warehouses across the United States with hands-free barcode scanning software solutions. With a management team that has a combined 150 years of hands-on experience in distribution and logistics, ProCat understands the need for versatility. That is why ProCat’s software solutions are designed using a flexible, modular architecture that can grow as your business grows. PickRight, a barcode scanning platform, is usually the first to be installed, addressing the critical order picking function in the warehouse.

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