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Warehouse Management Software Solutions

Integrated Warehouse Solutions

The distribution industry is rapidly changing. Operating budgets are becoming tighter, SKUs are growing, and customer demand for customization is increasing. This requires the need for compelling and unique solutions. Today’s warehousing operations need state-of-the-art technology that responds to the customized options that fit their supply chain processes. ProCat’s integrated warehouse solutions make us the go-to provider for your distribution center’s inbound, warehouse, and outbound operations.

From receiving to picking and loading to shipping, ProCat has developed a complete line of warehouse management technology solutions to keep distribution center running smoothly. Our integrated warehouse solutions incorporate hands-free non-proprietary equipment and utilize scanning technology to ensure virtually 100% accuracy along each step of the way. ProCat’s solutions are available as bolt-on additions to any existing ERP.

Our warehouse scanning technology is paired with a wrist-worn touch-screen display that provides immediate at-a-glance information. Our feature-rich software is unlike anything available in traditional voice systems. Along with the visual display, the scanning technology provides immediate verification of each pick and collects a wealth of data for management control, tracking, and reporting.

ProCat is a ZEBRA Technologies Partner Empowered Solution Provider, ensuring a fully interoperable mobility solution. Our distribution solutions work seamlessly with Zebra products, providing industrial grade non-proprietary hardware proven to work in distribution environments.

Solutions for Your Distribution Center

We strive to revolutionize the way that distribution center solutions receive, pick, label, and ship their orders.

Our automated warehouse solutions allows pickers to simply scan a product for immediate verification instead of the traditional paper and pencil method. We have developed these integrated warehouse solutions to make the distribution process simpler, quicker, and more accessible.

By utilizing ProCat’s solutions, your distribution center will be on its way to increasing accuracy, and productivity while reducing customer claims. Here are our warehouse management technology solutions:


ReceiveRight is ProCat’s receiving software solution that can confirm the accuracy of vendor purchase orders while capturing vital data on product condition.


PickRight allows you to create an automated warehouse system with its hands-free scanning technology. PickRight’s robust features allow you to meet customer demand and increase accuracy when picking orders. PickRight is a warehouse picking management solution that is designed to eliminate the checking process for error-free picking.


The LoadRight process ensures that all orders are loaded onto the correct route delivery truck to prevent costly mistakes and increase customer satisfaction. This system catches all incomplete and incorrect orders in distribution centers before the truck is loaded.


ShipRight ensures perfect customer deliveries. It is ProCat’s solution for drivers, replacing complicated paperwork. ShipRight gives drivers a route list of customers and scans barcodes on each package to verify complete and correct deliveries.

Cycle Counting

CountRight is an easy-to-use tool to confirm the inventory count and ensure accuracy in your distribution center.

Inventory Management

StockRight offers inventory management services that allow your restockers to replenish pick bins and find back-stock inventory.

Return Management

ReturnRight is a robust solution that manages all returns and directs the disposition of products whether it is damaged, out of date, recalled, or returned to stock.

Cigarette Tax Stamping

TaxRight ensures that the correct products are picked prior to applying costly state and local tax stamps.

Weight Management/GS1 Barcoding

WeighRight is a scale and printer system that produces GS1 barcode labels for products. This helps to automate SKU weight labeling for multiple processes within your distribution center.

ProCat utilizes many unique and high-quality integrated warehouse solutions guaranteed to improve multiple processes within your distribution center. Warehouse systems that were once manual are now completely automated for your convenience. You’ll never miss a beat again with our innovative technologies.