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LoadRight warehouse software system

Truck Loading Package Verification

LoadRight is ProCat’s truck loading software solution, which prevents incomplete orders from being loaded onto the delivery truck before it leaves the warehouse. By checking all orders and removing incorrect ones, the contents of all packages can be completely verified and cleared for shipment.

The process can be completed through the simple scanning technology with LoadRight’s software. This method of order verification can substantially improve accuracy in distribution centers.

Loading Accuracy

LoadRight’s reporting software gives you real-time visibility of the status of every order being loaded. By using this application, the Logistics Manager can easily and efficiently coordinate the order in which the trucks are loaded.

LoadRight enables you to optimize the loading of each truck by organizing the orders based on route and stop. This gives the driver easy access to all orders and reduces the risk of mix-ups.

ProCat’s LoadRight technology ensures that perfect deliveries are made every single time. You will no longer have to worry about any incorrect orders. By verifying that every order that is loaded onto trucks is correct, you will be significantly reducing customer claims.

To learn more about LoadRight and how it can improve accuracy of orders being loaded on your delivery trucks, contact us by calling 866-776-2285.