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Pay Employees for Productivity

IncentRight is a simple and straight forward system to incent workers and achieve additional productivity gains. Management can expect a potential 10-20% increase in productivity with IncentRight. IncentRight is designed to allow incentive pay per area of the warehouse. With IncentRight, the order picker can be measured on either picks or order lines. Two key management judgements are needed for the IncentRight calculations: (1) the targeted pick rate and (2) the incentive amount for achieving a targeted pick rate.

IncentRight is an extension of ProCat’s PickRight solution, so companies must have PickRight before they can take advantage of IncentRight. PickRight results in order picking accuracy rates of 99.9%. Since IncentRight uses the PickRight platform, achieving high accuracy is already addressed as part of the pay-for-performance solution.

  • Up to 20% Productivity Increase
  • Incent Pickers by Picks or Lines
  • Modeling Tools
  • Real-time Tracking for Each Employee
  • Pay Reporting for Each Picker
  • Management Reports

As a result, the IncentRight system was designed to drive increases in through-put or productivity. IncentRight is very easy for employees to understand. As they are working, employees are able to see on their wrist worn display, how they are tracking versus their targeted goals. Also, employees very clearly know what they are getting paid for with a report that can be distributed with employees’ paychecks. A second report is available to show management the incentives that everyone has earned. For more information on IncentRight reach us through our Contact Us form.