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CountRight software system

Cycle Count Software for Warehouse

cycle count software

Managing inventory can be a challenge for distribution centers, considering the volume of products that come and go each day. However, it’s extremely important to keep track of items and know where to find them at any given moment. Knowing where products are located and tracking products is a core function that keeps inventory from going out of date.

If products go out of date, your distribution center could lose a substantial amount of money and accidentally send unusable products to customers. This can increase customer claims, which would have extremely negative effects on the warehouse. To keep your distribution center at its highest level of productivity, it’s important to know where items are to guarantee freshness and high-quality products.

Inventory Checks

Most warehouses only perform an annual inventory check because the task is so challenging and tedious if it is done manually. But with the right warehouse management technology, taking inventory can be affordable, simple, and time-saving. Strong cycle count software can dramatically simplify inventory counting and allow for periodic and frequent cycle counting.

Cycle count software can take the hassle out of manually counting inventory and make it easy to get accurate counts every time. With reliable technology, workers will not have to waste time double checking items. Instead, they can prioritize all steps of the distribution process to get items out of the warehouse and on the delivery truck faster. By having cycle count software, inventory counts will be completed sooner.

Having software that is easy-to-use can revolutionize the way inventory is maintained at your distribution center. Routine cycle counting, in addition to other forms of warehouse scanning technology, will dramatically improve inventory accuracy. This way, your workers will easily be able to know where an item is at any moment, identify any out of code product, and give managers an accurate and updated count.

CountRight Cycle Counting

ProCat has created a software solution for cycle counting called CountRight. The CountRight inventory verification system makes counting inventory a simple task. It allows SKU quantities and locations to be counted and confirmed utilizing hands-free scanning technology. Instead of running the risk of miscounting, counting something twice, skipping an item, or losing track, warehouse employees can easily count all items with CountRight’s software technology. This wrist-worn device lets employees confirm product counts and bin locations, allowing for a simple and confident count of inventory.

This technology gives management confidence in the value of the inventory and provides reliable inventory quantities for accurate purchasing. Operations will run more smoothly as a result of accurate inventory tracking, which will ultimately reduce customer claims and increase productivity within your distribution center.

ProCat’s software offers inventory management services, warehouse picking management, and receiving software solutions to benefit distribution centers nationwide. With our warehouse management technology and solutions like CountRight, you will confidently be aware of every item entering and exiting the warehouse at all times. This allows items to seamlessly transition through every other distribution process.

CountRight is an effective way to count inventory and to ensure that your product quantities and locations stay accurate. Contact ProCat today to see what our cycle count software and other solutions can do for you.