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StockRight software system

Warehouse Inventory Management and Replenishment Software Solution

inventory management services

Distribution centers can usually become overwhelmed with a high number of SKU’s that need to be tracked. Sometimes, because of this, it can be difficult to keep an eye on exactly how many products there are within a warehouse. With all of the items going in and out of warehouses, re-stocking outdated products and replenishing inventory can easily be overlooked.

In order to accurately keep track of re-stocking and know when it’s time to replenish or remove certain items, it’s important to have access to inventory management services that will help you easily and quickly count inventory. Otherwise, errors could easily be made and items can be skipped if the inventory is being counted manually.

A critical component of the distribution process is stocking inventory and replenishment. Not only do you need to know how many products are in the warehouse, but you should know when it’s time to replenish pick bins in order to keep the order picking process moving.

Maintaining the correct amount of inventory on the shelves will keep your distribution center organized, keep all other operations running, and keep your customers satisfied. Though it may seem almost impossible to know exactly when to re-stock inventory, it’s very attainable with inventory management services from ProCat.

At ProCat, we utilize hands-free and non-proprietary warehouse management technology to keep all of your inventory where it needs to be, ultimately increasing accuracy and productivity. Our warehouse stocking and inventory management software allow you to have access to all items in inventory utilizing our robust reporting suite.

With these solutions and many others, such as receiving software solutions, operations in distribution centers will run smoothly. From the minute a product is received until it is loaded and prepared for delivery, stockers will be able to quickly access it and keep track of all reports before delivering it to customers.

Integrated Stocking Software

ProCat’s StockRight solution offers integrated stocking and replenishment software for your warehouse, providing a simple method for restockers to find back-stock inventory and replenish pick bins. It allows stockers to track expired items, extra items, and more.

StockRight uses the same touchscreen wrist computer and ring scanner as the rest of our suite of products, which helps to keep warehouse picking management simple and effective. Our easy-to-use wrist-worn technology allows you to keep track of inventory by simply scanning it.

StockRight’s warehouse stocking software also integrates with PickRight’s order picking solution to let the stocker know when pick bins are low or empty. The re-stocker will then be directed to the oldest product location for any item that needs to be replenished.

If you need warehouse scanning technology that can seamlessly keep track of all products that go in and out of your warehouse and make you aware of when to stock specific products, trust ProCat’s inventory management services.

Contact us today to see how our inventory management services and integrated stocking software, along with ProCat’s complete line of other distribution solutions, provides the tools you need in today’s ever-demanding and changing environment.