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Receive Right software system

Warehouse Order Receiving Software

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Distribution centers run on a comprehensive and detailed system. Every item that enters a warehouse needs to be carefully monitored until it is shipped to a customer. And it all begins when products arrive. There has to be an eye that watches out for new products and traces them constantly. However, it is hard to keep track of everything that enters a distribution center manually. That’s where ProCat Distribution Technologies comes in.

At ProCat, we create warehouse scanning technology that is guaranteed to improve accuracy and productivity while reducing customer claims. We allow you to get details about every item in your warehouse from the very beginning of the order process. Our receiving software solutions, in particular, allow you to fulfill a key component of warehouse operations. Two important steps in this process are inventory receipt and control. Therefore, we designed ReceiveRight to help you stay on top of it.

Receiving Accuracy From the Time it Enters the Warehouse

ReceiveRight ensures the accuracy of every case of products that enters the distribution center. As items are received, the scanning technology from ReceiveRight checks them to verify the amount of each item and what the products are.

This receiving software solution ensures accuracy by specifically scanning UPC codes on every package. After scanning, the software is able to identify the products and whether they are correct.

This process helps keep inventory completely accurate; so when it comes time to stock the items, stockers can be sure that they are only putting correct inventory on the shelves. By keeping everything accurate from the minute items are received, the rest of the processes will be entirely more successful. Ultimately, this results in more efficient operations.


ReceiveRight allows receivers to batch purchase orders to drive productivity. By batching purchase orders together, receivers can access the correct packages and make it simpler for stockers and pickers to identify them. When purchase orders are batched together, operations are able to become more efficient and organized overall. This is because these orders can be scanned together and moved onto the next process.

Our receiving software solutions also eliminate the need for paper purchase orders. Everything will be available on a device that is simply worn on the receiver’s wrist. Receivers can scan, click, and view everything through this device. Instead of shuffling to find paperwork, all workers can have access to purchase orders through this software.

This technology uses a hands-free touchscreen PC with scanning technology. This receiving software solution can either scan the barcode on the purchase order or select the order from a list box on the wrist-worn device. With this technology, nothing has to be done manually. Receivers can simply scan a batch of purchase orders and have access to a wealth of reports and information about each item, package, and order.

Additionally, multiple people will have access to the same purchase order at the same time. This allows a few receivers or pickers to both view an order and have an accurate report of every order at once.


ReceiveRight also allows you to manage and track expiration dates of products, lot and serial numbers, and product temperatures. Before items are stocked, you will have access to a full report of the status of every product.

To learn more about ProCat’s suite of products, contact us today by calling 866-776-2285. In addition to our receiving software solutions, we offer warehouse picking management, cycle counting software, and inventory management services to improve productivity at your warehouse.

Find out what our receiving software solutions can do for you and your distribution center.