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weighright software system

Barcode Labeling for Catch Weight Management

ProCat’s WeighRight is a scale system application that weighs products and produces GS1 barcode labels. This easy-to-use system integrates a scale with a table-top touchscreen computer, label printer, and hand scanner.

WeighRight captures lot numbers, customer numbers, and expiration date information, which is then embedded into the bar code that is printed on the label.

Distribution Processes

WeighRight can be used in the receiving process, picking process, or as a stand-alone operation. Those who work in distribution centers can weigh and label products at the receiving dock so that they will be ready for picking with PickRight. As part of the pre-process to PickRight picking, random weight items are bulk picked, weighed, and labeled.

This system allows distribution centers to easily capture all information about products and report it in a concise format. This touch-screen software displays weight and all other information that is necessary to barcode items. When items are received and picked, they can be scanned because of WeighRight’s technology. This will make products and orders easier to find and identify in later processes.

To enhance your warehouse’s receiving and picking processes, use WeighRight for accurate weighing and labeling.

To find out more about our technology and how WeighRight can help your process, contact us today by calling 866-776-2285.