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about Procat

About ProCat Distribution Technologies


ProCat Distribution Technologies is committed to bringing the latest technology solutions to warehouses. Our feature-rich software offers you the best solutions at the most affordable prices. Our technology allows you to keep track of all products entering and leaving your distribution center at all times. No matter what industry, no matter what size, ProCat has the solutions you need to increase accuracy and productivity in your warehouse while reducing customer claims.

Increasing Accuracy and Productivity in Warehouses Everywhere


From receiving to picking, loading, and delivery, ProCat has developed a line of cost-effective solutions incorporating hands-free non-proprietary equipment. This equipment utilizes our scanning technology to ensure virtually 100% accuracy at each step of the distribution process. ProCat has incorporated scanning technology from the initial development of our solutions, and it is at the very core of what we do. This scanning technology provides immediate verification of each process and collects a wealth of data for management control, tracking, and reporting.

Our professionals have 150 years of combined experience in distribution, finances, information technology, business, and many other fields that contribute to warehouse technology solutions. Some of our employees have worked directly in distribution centers, allowing them to understand what pickers, loaders, and delivery drivers really need to keep operations running smoothly. Our employees come from many different industries to work together to produce high-quality and advanced technology.

Solutions, New Features, Support, and Training


ProCat is constantly developing new products and features to support your distribution needs. We also listen to your requests and incorporate many of these ideas into our products. And with our in-house support staff, we are ready to help resolve any issues you may encounter.

We also host our annual user conference to familiarize customers with our solution enhancements and suite of products. ProCat’s user conference provides an opportunity to explore our latest products and features, share ideas, and participate in peer networking.

We invite you to contact us and see for yourself how ProCat is providing the solutions to improve accuracy and productivity in warehouses everywhere!