PowerTool's Features and Benefits

PowerTools is a PC-based desktop application for pick shift supervisors and warehouse managers to use that can replace manual processes happening alongside PickRight when picking orders. The PowerTools suite contains over a dozen desktop utilities that have been designed to bridge the gap between PickRight and ERP systems.

Picker Assignments

  • Assign specific customers to specific pickers, both one time and permanently.

Truck Picking Sequence

  • Truck Picking Sequence

Continuous Pick

  • Start the next UoW where the picker ended their last UoW. Reduce picker steps by up to 25%.

Non-Picking Activities

  • Track non-picking activities by employee such as time spent sweeping or making boxes.

Inventory Allocation

  • Manage inventory allocation for your customers based on available quantity on hand.

Picker and Stamper Shadowing

  • Remotely watch a picker while they pick an order.

TaxRight Pick Area

  • Creates a pick area for cigarette stamping. Data displays in PickRight reports and IncentRight.

Package Data Export

  • Creates supplemental package data similar to Advanced Ship Notification.

Remote Approvals

  • Allows a supervisor to enable Manual Scanning and Out of Stocking for a single item for employees who are not authorized to perform those functions. Authorization can be done from the supervisors PC.

Quick Batch

  • Batch full case orders for picking pallets

Picker Messages

  • Create predefined messages for pickers to send to supervisors

Discontinued Products

  • A retail shelf tag for replacement items will print whenever a discontinued item is ordered.

Pick Line Slotting Analysis

  • Maximize pick line slotting efficiency with a modeling tool that shows visits to each pick location.

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