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PickRight's Features and Benefits

Eliminate Picking Errors with 99.9% Accuracy

  • Scanning item UPC ensures accurate picking
  • Correct picks are acknowledged with a chime
  • Incorrect picks trigger a buzz tone alert

Increase Picker Productivity 20-40%

  • Eliminate paper pick tickets
  • Batch picking, team picking, and zone picking functionality increases productivity by reducing walking
  • On screen prompting for next pick

Real-Time Insight with Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Know actual pick rates for each employee
  • Real-time pick shift status reports by pick area
  • Access reports from any networked PC
Picking Graphic

Scan. Ding. Go!

PickRight gives order pickers immediate feedback after every scan.

When a picker correctly scans a product barcode, the software will provide a chime sound or “ding” and prompt the picker to proceed to the next item on the pick ticket.

However, if a picker scans a product barcode that is not on the pick ticket, the software sounds a loud “buzz” tone, and stops the user from continuing to pick the order until the wrong pick is resolved.

The high accuracy provided by barcode scanning results in perfectly picked orders – every order, every day.

PickRight for the Foodservice Industry

PickRight has specifically designed features to support foodservice distribution companies.

  • Catch Weight
  • GS1 Data Capture
  • Expiration Date Tracking
  • Temperature Capture
  • Lot Capture
  • Recall Capability

PickRight for the Convenience Industry

PickRight supports the complexities and special needs of convenience store distributors. PickRight is especially suited for the repack picking that C-Store distributors utilize. Container contents tracking and real-time label printing are core parts of the PickRight solution. For many reasons, PickRight is the go-to solution for C-Store distributors who want to pick perfect orders.

  • Repack Picking
  • Batch Picking
  • Freezer/Cooler Capability
  • Cigarette Picking
  • TaxRight Interface
  • Real-Time Label Printing

JUUL Labs’ Underage Use Prevention Program is Supported by PickRight

ProCat is proud to partner with JUUL Labs and their efforts to prevent youth access to nicotine products.

The PickRight solution efficiently captures JUUL package serial numbers as part of the order picking process.  This technology links individual packages of JUUL products to a retail delivery address.  The PickRight process makes wholesalers 100% JUUL compliant and gives JUUL the data they need to enable a robust youth prevention program.

PickRight designated as Zebra Technologies Compatible application

ProCat is proud of our 10+ year partnership with Zebra Technologies.   Our software solutions run on devices that are manufactured by Zebra.

We are very pleased that PickRight is an approved Zebra Technologies Compatible application.

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