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Eliminate customer claims due to picking errors. Reporting suite gives managers and supervisors real-time information. Supervisors can manage their employees with facts and data, helping them make good decisions. Features include repack picking, freezer/cooler capability, cigarette picking, Tax-Right interface, pick method options, and real-time label printing.


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Scan. Ding. Go!

PickRight gives order pickers immediate feedback after every scan.

When a picker correctly scans a product barcode, the software will provide a chime sound or “ding” and prompt the picker to proceed to the next item on the pick ticket.

However, if a picker scans a product barcode that is not on the pick ticket, the software sounds a loud “buzz” tone, and stops the user from continuing to pick the order until the wrong pick is resolved.

The high accuracy provided by barcode scanning results in perfectly picked orders – every order, every day.

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

Re-pack picking

Ideal for convenience distributors who are picking eaches.

Freezer/Cooler Capabilities

PickRight works in dry, cooler, and freezer zones.

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Several pick method options

Management can choose from batch picking, team picking, reverse picking, and more.

Real-Time Label Printing

No need to pre-print labels anymore. Printers travel with the pickers and print labels as required in real-time.

Cigarette Picking

Special functionality for cigarette picking keeps 30’s together, and tracks what brands are in each half case.


TaxRight Interface

Utilize the PickRight to TaxRight functionality.

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