Understanding TaxRight MSA

ProCat Distribution Technologies provides barcode scanning technology to distribution centers all across the United States. One of the company’s solutions is called TaxRight. TaxRight scans the UPC barcode on each carton of cigarettes as part of the process that affixes State tax indicia to cigarette packs.

The TaxRight software compares the carton UPC it just scanned, to a list of authorized cartons and expected UPC codes that has been preloaded into the TaxRight system data base. This preloaded list represents the cigarette brands that are on a State’s MSA Tobacco Product Directory. The TaxRight software prevents State tax stamps from being affixed to any cigarette carton with a UPC that is not on the State’s approved MSA list. As an additional feature, TaxRight MSA can also help with customer order verification. As the machine is processing cartons, TaxRight can ensure not only that the carton is on the authorized brand list, but that it also belongs on a specific customers order.  TaxRight Software is an effective tool for assuring MSA compliance and preventing cigarette brands that are not authorized for sale in a State from getting State tax stamps affixed to the packs.


TaxRight MSA Features and Benefits

Helps States enforce their model statutes

  • Produce monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to substantiate required NPM payments.
  • Provide required documentation for Auditors.
  • Automatically prevent unauthorized brands from being stamped and distributed.

Reporting Tools

  • TaxRight records the UPC code on every carton that goes through the stamping machine. This allows for reporting on cartons stamped by brand and manufacturer.
  • Reports can be run by date range for a single manufacturer or all manufacturers. Reporting by PMs and NPMs is included in the reporting tools.
  • Satisfy the NPM reporting requirements and easily report on sales from NPM manufacturers.

Restrict Unauthorized Brands

  • Carton UPC codes are electronically checked against the State Tobacco Products Directory (TPD).
  • If a brand is not on the TPD list, it is ejected from the stamping machine and no tax stamps are affixed to the packs.
  • Satisfy the Model Statute requirement to restrict brands that are not in the TPD from being stamped and distributed in the State.

Works with all Industry Stamping Machines

  • TaxRight is presently operating on Red Stamp and USI (Meyercord) Thermal stamping machines.
  • TaxRight is presently operating on Red Stamp and USI (Meyercord) Digital stamping machines.
  • Compatible with SICPA and OpSec State solutions.

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