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Enhance the value of your PickRight Data

IncentRight and ManageRight act as a 1-2 punch to power employee performance in the warehouse. While IncentRight gives you the tools to incentivize employees, ManageRight makes it come to life with feature-rich, interactive displays. ManageRight combines PickRight data with IncentRight levels to encourage employees to maximize their productivity. It was designed to deliver timely information to three levels of an organization: Executives, Supervisors, and Pickers.

Bring your PickRight and IncentRight analytics to the next level with ManageRight.

For Pickers: ManageRight proactively sends communications to the Picker wrist computer and displays information using large monitors to broadcast metrics like: Picker IncentRight Bonus Level, Picker Personal Records, Picks to Achieve Next IncentRight Bonus Level, Shift Time Remaining, and much more. Employees who have achieved an IncentRight bonus level are also showcased on the display monitors to further encourage productivity.

For Supervisors: Scheduled updates and alerts help supervisors manage pick shifts more efficiently. Alerts can be sent to the supervisor’s handheld or tablet every 5, 15, or 30 minutes. These include Picker Performance metrics such as, Pickers who are actively not picking, Pickers trending above or below their average pick rate, and Pickers who have achieved Personal Records. Along with Picker performance, Incident-based alerts including Critical OOS Alerts, New Out of Stock Items, New Restock Items, and Manual Scans can be used to address issues before bigger problems arise.

Executives will appreciate deeper insights to operational performance with Six-month Trend Reports that can help measure and optimize the business over time.

  • Designed to encourage maximum employee productivity
  • Proactive Messaging, reporting and dashboards
  • Actionable data for executives, supervisors and pickers
  • Reports can be accessed remotely
  • Requires PickRight and IncentRight

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