Software Solutions That Improve Accuracy and Productivity in Distribution Centers

For nearly two decades, ProCat Distribution Technologies has been helping hundreds of small to mid-sized warehouses across the United States with hands-free barcode scanning software solutions. With a management team that has a combined 150 years of hands-on experience in distribution and logistics, ProCat knows distribution. Our solutions are used across the country in the beverage, convenience, foodservice, spirits, electrical, and hardware industries.

PickRight, ProCat’s flagship order picking solution, helps distribution centers pick perfect orders and improve accuracy throughout the operation. PickRight is built with hands-free barcode technology, and works in conjunction with the other ProCat modules to provide comprehensive, end-to-end warehouse management. Over 200 warehouses rely on ProCat solutions every day. For a detailed list of ProCat solutions, click through the flipbook below.

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