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We make your existing software stronger.

Most software companies want to replace your existing system and require your employees to learn a new system that is completely unfamiliar to them. ProCat offers its many solutions to distributors as modules, at fixed prices. Companies buy only the functionality they want, when they want it.

There is no need to make a large financial commitment, to a software package that will never be implemented. All ProCat solution prices include installation and training. There are no hidden charges or surprises with ProCat’s fixed solution pricing model. You know up front exactly what you will pay for any ProCat solution.

Modular Solutions

Buy the modules you need, when you need them.

Hands-Free Barcode Scanning

Wrist worn devices allow employees to work efficiently.

Works with your ERP and WMS

Works with your current warehouse systems. No need to replace your existing setup.

Fixed Price

Know exactly what you will pay before you commit. No per diems or travel expenses.

Real-Time Reporting

Over 70 reports and analytics help manage productivity.

Installation 8 Weeks After Commitment

Get up and running 8 weeks after you say 'go.'

Picking Graphic

Are ProCat solutions right for my company?

  • Do you have between 4 and 100 pickers in your operation?
  • Do you pick products that have barcodes on the packages or have static locations in your warehouse?
  • Are you currently picking customer orders with paper pick tickets or using an aging picking system that needs to be replaced?
  • Is order accuracy important to you?

If you answered yes to these questions, ProCat can help your operation.

How Our Technology is Different

A Better Answer to Warehouse Management Technology

There are several ways to pick orders in a distribution center including, pen and paper, voice picking systems, and RF guns. PickRight is the most accurate and productive method for several reasons.

Key Metric Paper Picking Hand-Held Picking Voice Picking
Company Size Small to mid-size Small to mid-size Mid-size to large checkmark icon All size companies
Pick Rate Low Low (often the same as paper) High checkmark icon High
Accuracy Low High Medium to High checkmark icon High
Paperless No Yes Yes checkmark icon Yes
UPC Verification No Yes No checkmark icon Yes
Real-Time Reporting No No Yes checkmark icon Yes

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