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Henry's Foods Replaces Voice Pick with Scan Pick

“Our aging voice system always had an accuracy challenge. After we saw PickRight and understood the high accuracy that it produced we wanted it for our operation.” See how PickRight provided the results and benefits Henry’s Foods was looking for ….

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NEW! Food Distributor Improves Order Picking Accuracy to Nearly 100% 

Best Mexican Foods, a food distribution company serving New York and the surrounding area, was in need of an
order picking solution for their distribution center that would improve order accuracy. Dan Barbone, President of
Best Mexican Foods, was looking for a system that would increase customer satisfaction, minimize re-deliveries, and lower costs of operations.

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PickRight Improves Accuracy at Lyons Specialty Company

“In this business mistakes can be costly … ” read how accuracy, productivity and employee ease of use make PickRight a recommended solution….

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ProCat PickRight Hands Free Picking at Church Point Wholesale

Church Point Wholesale in Louisiana wanted a technology partner who could help them implement a simple technology solution that would insure higher accuracy without major changes to their current operations.

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Pine State Spirits Picks Right

Since Pine State Spirits’ Team switched from voice pick to PickRight, their accuracy rate has increased to 99.99% and picker productivity has also increased. Read the complete story ….

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Mississippi Distributor turns to Technology to Improve Picking Operations

At AAA Wholesale as a result of implementing PickRight, productivity is up, quality is up and new hire training is down.

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Ashland Specialty Company Gets Peace of Mind with PickRight

The Staff and Customers Are Happier

Improved accuracy means peace of mind for Lisa and Ashland Specialty’s customers. Less mis-picks means less customer complaints and more positive relationships all around.

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Mississippi Company Leaves Warehouse Errors Behind Thanks to PickRight

Customers have reported that drivers are in-and-out of their stores faster than ever before. With PickRight, orders are picked correctly so there are no issues to slow down deliveries.

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PickRight Reduces New Employee Training time at ADC

Picking errors, incorrect order quantities and picker productivity challenges were hurting ADC’s bottom line. PickRight not only addressed these issues, but provided another asset, employee training in 30 minutes ….

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PickRight Increases Efficiency at Merchants Grocery Co.

“When our customers get perfect orders delivered week after week we are building long term relationships built on trust “

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Pay-For-Performance Plans for Warehouse Workers

Incentive programs, also known as pay-for-performance plans, have become increasingly common in warehousing and industrial settings, thanks in large part to advances in labor management platforms that allow the measurable tracking of employee performance. Especially at a time when warehouse labor is in short supply, organizations that take advantage of effective pay-for-performance plans can gain an edge in the war for
talent, along with other important benefits like improved efficiency, productivity and employee engagement.

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Best Practices for Food Safety Compliance

Learn how the newly enacted Federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) effects your distribution process and the role technology plays in improving processes for FSMA Compliance.

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FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act – Frequently Asked Questions

This White Paper has been developed to help companies prepare for the new FSMA requirements surrounding the handling of Human Food. Frequently asked questions are answered. Questions that companies should be asking as they consider the steps they need to take to become FSMA complaint are also included.

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Mobility and Real-time Event-Driven ‘Order-to-Store’ Fulfillment

Aberdeen Group’s Insight Report on utilizing multi-modal technology to increase productivity and decrease costs in distribution warehousing order fulfillment ….

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CIO Review - 20 Most Promising Food & Beverage Technology Solution Providers 2014

ProCat Distribution Technologies had been listed as one of the 20 Most Promising Food and Beverage Technology Solution Providers 2014 by CIO Review magazine. Providing Picking, Loading, Shipping and Receiving Solutions, see how ProCat is incorporating next generation technology to meet the needs of your industry!

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