Customer Case Studies

Hardec’s Successful Switch from Hand-held to Hands-free Picking

By incorporating PickRight, Hardec's is set to revolutionize its order picking process and enhance overall efficiency. Read the full case study to learn how Hardec's embraced hands-free picking technology to elevate its operations to new heights.


4 Ways to Improve the Order Picking Process

Order picking is one of the most complex processes in distribution centers. Managers should explore solutions to minimize errors and improve productivity. Here are four tactics warehouses can use to speed up the order picking process.

How to Replace Paper and Pencil with Automated Inventory Management

Paper-based systems have long been seen as a cost-effective and simple way to track inventory levels. However, when operating in fast-paced environments such as food service and convenience distribution, manually tracking inventory can be very costly. Outdated and misplaced inventory can result in $100’s of thousands of dollars of lost profits.

Missed Expiration Dates Cost Food Distributors Thousands of Dollars Annually. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Expiration dates have long been used to verify a product’s freshness; however, very few consumers know how to accurately interpret them. Close understanding gaps when you assess your current workflows with ProCat and establish better product identification for less waste beyond the distribution process.

Customer Case Studies

Southco Distributing Delivers Perfect Orders with ProCat

Southco Distributing used a paper manifest as the core of its delivery process for many years. However, accuracy and productivity issues were becoming daily occurrences. After installing ShipRight, Southco Distributing was able to ensure accurate deliveries time after time. The technology speeds up the process, improving efficiencies. Continue reading the case study to learn how it is done with ShipRight.


How to Retain Drivers and Make Them More Productive

Labor turnover rates in the transportation industry have been consistently high for many years, reaching as high as 91% within the last decade. However, to fully understand this persistent problem, one must look back at the litany of challenges.


For Food Distributors, Resiliency is the Name of Game

As we ring in the new year with continued pandemic upheaval, labor shortages, and supply chain challenges, it’s time for some fresh strategies going forward.


PickRight Might Be Your Best New Hire

When asked what keeps distribution center executives up at night, labor shortages were second only to supply chain disruptions in an October IFDA report. A good strategy to respond to this much industry disruption is to control what you can -- such as the technology you choose to implement into your operation. The technology we know will help ease your stress right away: hands-free barcode scanning software. Transitioning to this picking technology is comparatively inexpensive and will deliver immediate improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction, especially if you are moving from paper picking.

Industry White Papers

Perfecting the Pick Path to Drive Warehouse Efficiency

Distribution centers are constantly changing. With new products introduced daily and space at a premium, successful companies must learn to balance the need to meet customer expectations with the need to operate efficiently. To do this, ProCat has identified four concepts that will help companies build efficiency into their operations. Download the PDF for more insights on how to improve your operation.

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