Comparing Order Picking Technologies

Warehouses and distribution centers face ever-increasing pressure to perform on ever-thinner margins.  Your picking system can have a significant impact on your operation’s accuracy, productivity and efficiency, so choosing the right picking technology is key to your success.

Industry White Papers

Product Location Planning

Best Practices for Laying Out Bin Locations and Developing a Bin Naming Convention. Product location planning is a key decision for warehouse managers. It is important for order selectors to be able to locate product quickly when it is needed for customers.

Customer Case Studies

Henry’s Foods Replaces Voice Pick with Scan Pick

Henry's Foods utilized a Voice Pick system for decades until it no longer met their needs. Learn about how and why they chose PickRight when they were ready to change picking systems.

ProCat Literature

ProCat Solutions Brochure

ProCat offers modular software solutions for distribution center operations - from accurately receiving POs into the warehouse through confirming customer deliveries. Take a look at our 16 page brochure to learn about ProCat solutions and the features our products offer.

Customer Case Studies

Ashland Specialty Company Gets Peace of Mind with PickRight

Improved accuracy means peace of mind for Lisa and Ashland Specialty’s customers. Less mis-picks means less customer complaints and more positive relationships all around.

Customer Video's

PickRight Hands Free Picking at Church Point Wholesale

Church Point Wholesale in Louisiana wanted a technology partner who could help them implement a simple technology solution that would insure higher accuracy without major changes to their current operations.

Industry White Papers

Pay-For-Performance Plans for Warehouse Workers

Incentive programs, also known as pay-for-performance plans, have become increasingly common in warehousing and industrial settings.

Customer Case Studies

Food Distributor Improves Order Picking Accuracy to Nearly 100%

Best Mexican Foods, a food distribution company serving New York and the surrounding area, was in need of an order picking solution for their distribution center that would improve order accuracy.

Customer Video's

Maine Liquor Distributor Achieves Perfection with PickRight

Since Pine State Spirits’ Team switched from voice pick to PickRight, their accuracy rate has increased to 99.99% and picker productivity has also increased.

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