For 2022, Resiliency is the Name of Game

As we ring in the new year with continued pandemic upheaval, labor shortages, and supply chain challenges, it’s time for some fresh strategies going forward.


PickRight Might Be Your Best New Hire

When asked what keeps distribution center executives up at night, labor shortages were second only to supply chain disruptions in an October IFDA report. A good strategy to respond to this much industry disruption is to control what you can -- such as the technology you choose to implement into your operation. The technology we know will help ease your stress right away: hands-free barcode scanning software. Transitioning to this picking technology is comparatively inexpensive and will deliver immediate improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction, especially if you are moving from paper picking.

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Perfecting the Pick Path to Drive Warehouse Efficiency

Distribution centers are constantly changing. With new products introduced daily and space at a premium, successful companies must learn to balance the need to meet customer expectations with the need to operate efficiently. To do this, ProCat has identified four concepts that will help companies build efficiency into their operations. Download the PDF for more insights on how to improve your operation.

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ProCat Solutions Brochure

ProCat offers modular software solutions to support all warehousing functions including Order Picking, Receiving, Loading, Pallet Building, Cycle Counting, Put-away, Replenishment and more. Click through the flipbook to see ProCat's detailed list of software solutions and capabilities.

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The Cost of Doing Nothing is Not Nothing

Discussing technological change can often inspire inertia. But every day that distribution centers use outdated or inadequate technology they could be wasting thousands of dollars in lost productivity and increased costs due to avoidable errors and inefficiencies. Additional (but less obvious) costs include the business risks of lost opportunity and reputation.

Customer Case Studies

ProCat’s PickRight, ShipRight, and PalletRight Programs Increase Efficiencies at Soto Food Service

Soto Food Service’s manual picking method was holding it back. Picking with paper was causing too many errors, taking too long, and creating too many customer claims. Soto Food Service also wanted to speed up delivery times, while implementing an easier training method for new drivers. The company found what it was looking for after learning about ProCat's modular suite of solutions.

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Closed Loop Scanning Systems Deliver Competitive Advantage

With Closed Loop Scanning, companies have real-time data showing what’s been picked, what’s been loaded, and what’s been delivered to customers, creating a error-proof system that helps improve operational accuracy.

Customer Case Studies

PickRight and NECS entrée Case Study with Wilkens Foodservice

Wilkens Foodservice a family-owned and operated company. The distribution business was bogged down with inefficiencies from its paper pick system and decided to make the upgrade to PickRight by ProCat.

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Why Foodservice Distributors Should Invest in Technology

For organizations still running legacy systems and contemplating updated technology, we present ProCat’s Top 4 Reasons Why Foodservice Distributors Should Invest in Technology.

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