TaxRight Features and Benefits

Confirm Cigarette Stamping Accuracy

  • TaxRight scans every carton UPC to confirm brands and quantities are correct before tax stamps are applied to packs.
  • TaxRight stops the stamping machine and alerts the operator when a wrong brand or quantity is detected.
  • Works for both post-stamp and pre-stamp Operations.
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Confirm Tax Jurisdictions

  • Each customer order or assignment that gets sent to TaxRight has a jurisdiction assigned to it.
  • TaxRight confirms that the correct tax stamps are on the stamping machine for the order about to be stamped.
  • The machine operator is alerted when tax stamps need to be changed to a different jurisdiction.
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Reporting Tools

  • Reports include operator productivity, stamps used by jurisdiction, and prevented errors by picker.
  • Reports can be run from any networked PC in the building.
  • Reports are Excel based, which allows for data analysis.
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Optional Stamp Management System (SMS)

  • SMS keeps a perpetual inventory of all the tax stamps in the building.
  • Each roll of stamps is uniquely identified with a barcode.
  • Extensive reports include stamp purchases, and roll usage history.

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