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We are always excited to work with new companies and help them implement ProCat Solutions.  Here is a sampling of commonly asked questions we receive from prospective customers.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to discuss your company's needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know if PickRight is a good thing for my company financially?

Implementing PickRight is a good investment for any company interested in improving customer order accuracy and employee productivity.  We have an ROI model that predicts the impact PickRight will have on your operating expenses and estimates how many months it will take for the system to pay for itself.

Most companies get full ROI in less than 12 months.

How does PickRight compare to Voice Picking?

PickRight is based on a wrist worn computer that visually shows the picker where to go for the next pick.   The picker goes to the location and scans the UPC barcode on the product or shelf. An audible tone confirms the correct product UPC code has been selected.

For voice pick systems, the product location is announced to the picker.  The picker then goes to the location and reads a number code back to the system for confirmation.  There is no actual confirmation that the correct product has been selected. There are also several other potential accuracy issues including mis-slotted items, memorized check digits, and the incorrect number of product picked by the employees.

What do I need if I want to implement PickRight in my building?

Customers need to provide:

1) a Server

2) a wireless network

3) item UPC codes

4) the data interface with their host system.

ProCat does the rest.

How long will it take for my company to start to benefit from PickRight?

It generally takes about 8 weeks from the date of your commitment until we are in your building for startup.    The onsite setup and installation process takes 1 week.  Companies start to benefit from PickRight the very first week it is installed.

How can I know if PickRight will work with my software?

PickRight has interfaces established with many software providers.   Our current software partners are listed on the industry tabs of this web site.   We are happy to talk with your software provider about creating an interface if one does not currently exist.

Will I need to put in a special wireless network for ProCat solutions?

ProCat solutions work with standard wireless networks.  The network does need to have a reliable wireless signal throughout the area where the solution will be used to get the maximum benefit.

We can provide the contact information for a third party wireless company if you have any concerns about your networking.

Do I need a separate server for ProCat solutions?

Based on the number of pickers in your operation we may be able to use a PC.   If you have 8 or more pickers we recommend a server and will provide the required specifications for it.   We work with PCs, virtual servers, dedicated servers and blades.

Can the ProCat solutions be cloud based?

We recommend that the PickRight data base reside on a computer that is on premise.  However, we have options to companies that are committed to a cloud solution.

Do the ProCat solutions require proprietary hardware?

All of the ProCat solutions operate on standard Zebra equipment.   There are no proprietary components involved in any ProCat solution.

How can I find out what it will cost to implement PickRight in my building?

ProCat sells its solutions for a fixed price.   Our quoted prices include installation, training and startup.   Once we understand the basics of your operation, we can give you a firm quote for implementing one of our solutions.

Does ProCat lease its solutions or do you have to purchase them?

Yes, we have leasing solutions available for companies that desire a leasing arrangement.

How does your sales process work?

We generally start with an introductory call to learn about your company.   If we mutually agree that PickRight or one of our solutions may be a good fit for your operation, then we schedule a web demo of the software.

The next steps are up to you.  We can either come to your facility and demonstrate the solution for you and your team or we can take you to see a current customer’s warehouse using PickRight.

How do ProCat solutions get installed?

After you have committed to PickRight, we schedule a planning call.  We review what you need to do to be ready for installation and explain what we will be doing on our side.

During the week of the onsite installation, our tech comes to your building and trains your team on the use of the solution and the reporting tools.   We are generally on site for one week.

What happens if I do not have UPC codes for my products in my computer system?

We encourage you to collect and enter the UPC codes on your host system for all your products that have barcodes.

What happens with products that do not have UPC barcodes on them?

We have several options for these products that we can discuss with you.

Generally, a shelf tag with a barcode is put on the pick rack for these items.

Can the ProCat solutions handle catch weights?

Yes.  PickRight allows item weights to be entered on the picker’s wrist computer at the time the pick is being made.

The system also supports minimum and maximum weights, along with batch catch weights for multiple case quantities.

Do the ProCat solutions handle expiration dates?

Yes, PickRight supports several options for managing expiration dates.

We can require the picker to enter the expiration date on the screen through a calendar display, or simply confirm that the item date is past a specific date that is displayed on the screen.

Can the ProCat solutions manage the inventory in my warehouse?

ProCat has developed a suite of solutions that manage every core job function in a distribution center including inventory management.

The StockRight solution manages inventory put away and the replenishment of pick locations.

Can the ProCat solutions be customized?

All of ProCat’s solutions have been developed to be highly configurable so they accommodate a wide range of customer requirements.  While our solutions are not custom software, they have the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

Additionally, the solutions get enhanced to meet customer requests for added functionality when appropriate.  These updates are pushed to all customers.

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