Scan. Ding. Go!

It really is that easy to use ProCat solutions.  The easy to learn screens prompt users to the next pick location.  Scan the product, hear the ding, and go to the next product, or as we say, Scan, Ding, Go!  With features like catch weight capture, and expiration date testing, PickRight will improve the efficiency of any Foodservice operation.


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Pick Perfect Orders, Every Order, Every Day.

PickRight gives order pickers immediate feedback after every scan.

When a picker correctly scans a product barcode, the software will provide a chime sound or “ding” and prompt the picker to proceed to the next item on the pick ticket.

However, if a picker scans a product barcode that is not on the pick ticket, the software sounds a loud “buzz” tone, and stops the user from continuing to pick the order until the wrong pick is resolved.

The high accuracy provided by barcode scanning results in perfectly picked orders – every order, every day.

Improve Accuracy and Productivity

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Catch Weight Capture

Pickers are prompted to enter item catch weights on the wrist computer display screen. The PickRight system sends the item's weight back to the host where customer invoices are automatically updated.

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GS1 Auto Data Extraction

When products have this next generation barcode technology, PickRight can capture embedded information with a single scan. Information that can be embedded includes item catch weight, expiration date, and/or lot number. The data is automatically captured and sent back to the host where customer invoices can be updated with no involvement from any employee.

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Expiration Date Testing

Confirm you are receiving or shipping products that meet or exceed minimum dating requirements. Optionally, actual expiration dates can be easily captured.

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Temperature Capture

Capture the temperature of items as they are being received, picked, and delivered.

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Lot Capture

If a product you distribute is recalled, lot capture capability with our Track and Trace solutions can come to the rescue.

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Recall Capability

Our solutions give you the reporting tools you need to follow products from receiving to delivery. ProCat solutions help companies to be FSMA compliant.

Foodservice ERP Interfaces

Don’t see your ERP?  Contact us today if you are interested in seeing how your ERP would work with the ProCat solution suite.

Food Connex integration

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