Picking and Receiving Bundle

This bundle assures you have accuracy on the receiving dock and gives confidence that customer orders are being picked perfectly. With ReceiveRight, inbound freight is scanned and compared to vendor purchase orders. You will capture vendor shipping errors and identify issues like short coded products, before they are received into the building. With PickRight, employees scan product barcodes for every pick so you can be sure correct items are being shipped to your customers. These two solutions cover the fundamentals of your operation.

Inventory Management Bundle

The combination of these four core ProCat solutions will give you total control over your inventory. After implementing PickRight and ReceiveRight, we start the CountRight cycle count solution. The last of the four solutions is StockRight. StockRight will alert the stocking crew that freight is waiting to be put away. The stocker scans the put away location and affixes a license plate to each pallet as it is put away. The restock team gets a restock list created every morning that will dramatically reduce labor hours and assure you of proper product rotation. Efficiently manage your inventory with this suite of solutions from ProCat.

Closed Loop Scanning Bundle

Gain full control of your deliveries with the Closed Loop Scanning bundle. Know every pick that is in every package with PickRight. Know every package that is loaded on to every truck with LoadRight. Know every package that has been delivered to every customer with ShipRight. These three solutions will greatly simplify your outbound processes, and give you the confidence that your operation is delivering perfect orders for your customers.

Employee Performance Bundle

There was a time when we did not encourage employees to pick faster, because it always lead to more picking errors being reported by customers. With PickRight scanning, managers can be confident that picking accuracy is nearly perfect. It is only logical to want higher productivity from your picking team. The IncentRight Pay-For-Performance module allows operators the flexibility to develop an incentive program that works for your company. ManageRight builds on the PickRight and IncentRight solutions to communicate timely and relevant information to pickers and managers. Drive productivity with this powerful package of solutions.