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With PickRight, all of your customer orders are picked accurately. By “closing the loop” with LoadRight and ShipRight, you can be sure all packages are loaded onto the correct trucks and delivered to the correct customer with the same level of accuracy.

PickRight, LoadRight, and ShipRight work together to capture scan data each time a product moves through your distribution center. By scanning packages throughout the process, records are created at key checkpoints:

  • as every item is picked into a box,
  • as every case is picked onto a pallet,
  • as every case or pallet is loaded on a truck, and
  • as every case or pallet is delivered to a customer.

The result is near perfection with reduced loading errors and increased delivery accuracy. Join us for the webinar to learn more about how ProCat’s Closed Loop Scanning solution can help your operation.

Register below to sign-up for the webinar happening July 13, 2021 at 11am ET.  To sign-up for the afternoon session at 2pm ET, click here.