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Improving your order picking is the number one way to improve overall warehouse operations. The way you pick customer orders impacts everything from customer order accuracy, driver efficiencies, company reputation, and ultimately, bottom-line profits. Picking systems can help bring significant benefits to operations that include:

  • Reducing error rates and increasing productivity
  • Streamlining operations for faster order fulfillment
  • Decreasing the learning curve for new hires
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover
  • Improving quality and accuracy throughout your operation

Considering that the picking process accounts for an average of 55% of operational costs in distribution centers, an efficient system can make the difference between turning a profit – or not. For foodservice distributors looking for accurate and reliable picking technology, this is a great opportunity to learn what to look for and how to evaluate order picking technologies.

Join ProCat as we review the pros and cons of the various order picking technologies that are available to distribution centers including paper picking, voice picking, RF scanning, and hands-free scan picking.

Steve Stomel, Founder & CEO of ProCat Distribution Technologies

Steve Stomel is the Founder & CEO of ProCat Distribution Technologies. Started in 2001, ProCat brings cost-effective technology to food distribution companies. The company offers 14 modular software solutions to support critical functions in the warehouse including Receiving, Cycle Counting, Order Picking, Loading, Put-away, and Replenishment. Over 100 warehouses across the United States rely on ProCat’s technology every day.

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