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Barcodes have been around for decades, but their usefulness has only become more apparent in recent years. In the food service industry, barcodes are an essential tool for distributors looking to streamline their operations and deliver value to their customers. In the food industry, barcode technology can have a massive impact on an organization’s success. Here’s how ProCat delivers value to food service distributors with barcodes:

  1. Improved Inventory Management: Barcodes can be used to track inventory from the moment it arrives at a distribution center to the moment it leaves. Distributors can manage their inventory more effectively, reducing the risk of overstocks and stockouts thanks to ProCat’s StockRight solution. By using barcode scanning technology, foodservice distributors can quickly and accurately track inventory levels in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions about when to order more products and how much to order.
  2. Enhanced Traceability: With barcodes, distributors can easily track the movement of products throughout the supply chain, from the farm to the warehouse to the end customer. This enhanced traceability can help improve food safety by allowing distributors to quickly identify the source of any issues that arise. Using ProCat’s CountRight software can allow for integrated barcode scanning and better overall inventory counts.
  3. Faster Order Fulfillment: Barcodes can also be used to speed up the order fulfillment process which ensures that the correct products are being shipped to the correct customers. ProCat makes deliveries perfect with its ShipRight solution. As a result, companies will be able to reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that orders are delivered on time and in full.
  4. Increased Efficiency: Barcodes can help food service distributors improve their overall efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to perform manual tasks. For example, instead of manually counting inventory or tracking products using pen and paper, distributors can use barcode scanning technology to automate these processes.

Whether it’s inventory management or order picking, ProCat is here to provide a better food distribution solution with industry-proven hardware and software. Contact us to discover the ProCat difference today.

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