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Sound warehouse management is essential for a reliable supply chain and to prevent shortages and holdups. It is the primary factor which makes a company’s product and services more trustworthy for its customer. ProCat, a US-based Distribution Technology Provider Company is offering flexibility in warehouse management, so the products flow efficiently through the system.

An Ingenious Leader 

Steve StomelCEO of ProCat Distribution grew up in the distribution industry, and has gathered deep expertise working in the shoes of his customers and understanding the challenges they face. He always had a strong interest in technology and how it could be used to improve distribution operations. Steve founded ProCat Distribution Technologies in 2001 with a mission to make distribution centers more efficient and productive through the use of technology. Under his leadership, the ProCat organization has adhered to the unwavering guiding principle that the customer is always right. Over the past two decades, ProCat has helped hundreds of small to mid-sized warehouses across the United States implement hands-free barcode scanning software. Read More