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Steve Stomel voted “10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2019”
in Industry Era Magazine

Bringing Flexibility to Warehouse Management

A high performing warehouse is an essential component of a reliable supply chain and helps a company to build trust with its customers. Reliability and dependability are key factors that make a company trustworthy in their customers eyes. To help companies gain trust from their customers, ProCat Distribution Technologies, a US-based technology development company offers a suite of modular software solutions that enhance employee performance in all the core job functions in a warehouse. The ProCat solutions assure that all the company’s products will be processed perfectly as they efficiently flow through the building. The result is consistently perfect deliveries which serves as the foundation for a highly satisfied customer base. A big win for both companies and customers.

ProCat offers modular warehouse solutions for distribution centers. Its unique, modular architecture allows companies to have flexibility with their technology investments. PickRight addresses the critical order picking function in the warehouse and is generally the first solution ProCat customers implement. Companies can then choose which ProCat module to implement next based on their timeline and business needs.

” ProCat solutions are improving employee performance in distribution centers all across the United States. “

PickRight, the company’s order picking solution, has fully integrated barcode scanning technology that drives accuracy and productivity. Customers report that after implementing PickRight they achieve 99.9% order picking accuracy. They also benefit from 20-40% increases in employee productivity, and a 90% reduction in customer claims due to picking errors. These results combine to produce a 100% ROI in less than one year. ProCat’s other software modules are built upon the PickRight solution and work together to provide comprehensive, end-to-end warehouse management. The solutions help make distribution centers paperless.

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