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A new year on the horizon means a new approach to warehouse management systems (WMS). These systems have recently involved emerging technologies over the past few decades. Choosing the right hardware and software can help food service distributors in particular with several key industry areas. Improving traceability with perishable products, for example, can be accomplished with the right tools and technology.

Your food facility needs flexibility and scalability for both future growth and present-day improvement. ProCat’s distribution technologies allow you to pick and choose. Modular solutions from ProCat, such as StockRight, support functions in the warehouse from receiving, picking, loading, shipping, and more.

3 Improvements to a Foodservice WMS with ProCat

When it comes to the digitization of warehouse management, ProCat’s foodservice solutions are both scalable and integrative to make sure the implementation process is smooth sailing. Tackling WMS innovation in 2024 with ProCat can mean the following improved areas:

  1. Tracking Products: ProCat’s tracking software and scanning tools allow businesses to capture product locations right on entry, with received products being available for put away right away. Implementing barcode labels and RFID technology can optimize this key part of the warehouse management process.
  2. Product Rotation: Food and other perishables within food service don’t stay fresh forever, yet items may not be in as high of demand given the time of year. Reduce expired products and replenish what is needed based on expiration dates to reduce waste in the warehouse.
  3. Replenish Tools: Automate replenishment based on machine-learning algorithms that factor in expiration dates, allowing supervisors to create better replenishment assignments for staff members.

Picking the right technology and tools for 2024 will differ for each individual business, yet technology waits for no one. ProCat’s StockRight solution is just one of our several unique services ready to be deployed to help aid your business in 2024. Contact ProCat today if you’re searching for a way to better innovate your warehouse in the new year.

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