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Are you attending ProMat? Here’s what to expect.

With every year comes a new set of challenges and technological opportunities. From artificial intelligence to long-range scanning, technology is constantly reshaping the supply chain alongside external challenges. Gathering hundreds of solutions and enterprise leaders, ProMat offers hands-on insight into the technologies empowering the future. This March, ProCat will be joining Zebra at booth S647 to dive into modernization you can touch.

As shortages continue to pressure warehouses to work faster with fewer resources, technology leaders now seek to equip distribution centers with multi-purpose solutions. Therefore, as you navigate through ProMat’s 1000+ exhibits, you can expect a few common themes across the board such as:

Maximizing resilience under recurrent changes

  • Many warehouses have been on a rollercoaster of changes. New compliance mandates, health concerns, foreign tensions, and labor shortages are only a few of the challenges warehouses had navigate through within the past three years alone. Disruptions causing disruption can create an estimated $10,000 loss per hour for a mid-sized warehouse.
  • To safeguard business continuity in the face of change, intelligent automation systems will most likely aim at streamlining tasks while amplifying operational visibility. For example, PickRight simplifies the customer order picking process for new hires by acknowledging correct picks with a chime. Incorrect picks are notified with an incorrect buzzer tone. The system illustrates one of the many ways innovators are simplifying crucial tasks for quicker onboarding and adaptability to change. In addition to user-friendly software, hardware is also becoming more rugged with higher durability standards and long-lasting operating systems to prevent early breakdowns and provide OS support beyond standard 3-year plans

Accelerating workflows without compromising accuracy

  • Achieving perfect order throughput has always been the goal of the warehousing sector. Studies show that 72.5% of consumers are less likely to use or recommend a business after a negative delivery experience. Establishing order accuracy and speed within the warehouse is a vital part of meeting customer expectations and retaining business.
  • Software solutions like ShipRight eliminate paper manifests by scanning package information such as product temperature capture at time of delivery. Captured data replaces the need for error-prone paper tracking while providing real-time visibility for the fulfillment process.

See you at ProMat, March 20-23 in Chicago, IL

The limits of innovation are meant to be expanded. Visit us at ProMat this year to see demos and explore the ramifications of today’s technologies within the supply chain. For more information about this event, contact our team here.

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