AAA Wholesale is a convenience products distributor based in Jackson, Mississippi. CEO Ronnie Sood was happy with his company’s performance unit he learned about the improvements that some other local companies had achieved in their warehouses by implementing electronic order picking. AAA Wholesale was picking orders with paper pick tickets and wrong customer names with a crayon on their orders. Ronnie knew that he did not want to fall behind his completion and started looking for technology solutions that could help to improve his operation.

Ronnie soon found PickRight by ProCat Distribution Technologies and was amazed by the accuracy level that could be realized through automation. He could envision the impact these gains would have on efficiency and cost savings. After thorough review of the ProCat Solution including reference checks with other satisfied ProCat end-users, Ronnie committed to PickRight. In just a few short months, the software was delivering on its promise:

Increased accuracy

By scanning products at the point of pick, AAA is now certain that pickers are picking correct products. This has eliminated the need for manual order checking,
and also allows for out of stocks to be taken off invoices automatically. By scanning products with PickRight, AAA is now getƫing almost perfect accuracy. They are enjoying a significant improvement in productivity as well.

Shorter learning curve

Ronnie also found that new hire training time has been dramatically reduced. Because PickRight is so easy to use, new employees are learning how to pick much faster than when his warehouse was paper based.

Greater accountability & management oversight

The reporting package that came with PickRight is impressive. The reports have been a big help to him in managing his employees and his operation.

As a result of implementing PickRight, productivity is up, quality is up and new hire training time is down. Today, Ronnie is working with less staff and claims from customers are a thing of past. Ronnie is certain he made the right pick by choosing PickRight by ProCat.

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