S&L Food Sales Finds Solution with PickRight by ProCat

About S&L Food Sales:
  • Established in 1972 in Chico, CA
  • 12 truck routes
  • $30 million in annual sales
  • 5,000 SKUs

To minimize errors, increase productivity, improve efficiency and be more competitive, S&L Food Sales needed to update its paper-based picking process.  “We were old school,” said Chris Leitner, S&L Food Sales’ partner and general manager.  “Our employees used paper sheets for picking customer orders.”

“When we were picking with paper, our mis-picks were an area where we struggled,” Leitner said.  “Doing this manually meant there was a lot of room for operator error.  We had known for a while that we needed to streamline and automate the picking process to reduce errors.”

S&L initially tried using the warehouse management system from its host software company.  Catch weights would be recorded manually, then staff would compile these at the end of the night and enter amounts into the system; a tedious process that took a great deal of time and opened the door to potential error.

“We soon discovered that the host system wasn’t robust or designed for what we were doing,” said Leitner. “As a result, we scrapped that and decided to evaluate other providers.”  In the meantime, S&L’s picking accuracy was dipping down as low as 97%, with staff working overtime. “Our guys were fatigued at the end of the night, and morale was low,” Leitner said.

Download the full PDF Case Study here to learn how S&L Food Sales found its solution with PickRight.

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