Best Practices to Set Up Your Warehouse

Distribution Centers are constantly changing. New products are being introduced daily and space is often at a premium. As companies grow priorities will change. What was once an unlimited focus on customer satisfaction will at some point need to be balanced with improving operating efficiencies.

Successful companies are the ones that have learned to balance the need to meet customer expectations with the need to operate efficiently. This article deals with the challenge of setting up the warehouse to operate efficiently while being mindful of the need to meet customer expectations.

When changes to the warehouse are being considered, some fundamentals concepts should be reviewed. Core components to review include:

  1. Determining the truck loading process
  2. Naming pick locations and back slots
  3. Positioning products along the pick path to achieve efficiency
  4. Driving productivity and efficiency with smart order batching

Companies that think through these fundamental concepts will have a much better opportunity to build efficiency into their operations.  Download the PDF below to read the full article.

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