Wilkens Foodservice

Wilkens Foodservice Saw Errors Evaporate and Labor Efficiencies Rise with PickRight

With staff working long overtime hours and owners stepping in to pick up the slack, Wilkens Foodservice was in dire need of a change. Its paper picking system was bogged down with inefficiencies and errors.

“We had six full-time pickers, but still needed two extra staff members to double check our orders,” said Keith Murphy, the company’s vice president. “We’d typically average 20 picking mistakes a day, with checkers only catching half.”

Murphy and Wilkens were first made aware of ProCat’s PickRight program at an industry trade show.

“ProCat was one of two companies we spoke with, ”Murphy said. “We went with ProCat because it was a much better solution for our company. We were able to implement the PickRight solution and start solving our challenges in a few weeks, instead of a full year it would have taken with the other option were were considering.”

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One of the biggest benefits in switching over from paper to PickRight was the impact on accuracy and productivity. Mispicks have decreased a whopping 95%. Instead of contending with 20 picking mistakes on a daily basis, there may be at most one a day.

Keith Murphy, VP, Wilkens Foodservice

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