The Challenge

Pine State Spirits is the exclusive wholesale spirits distribution agent for the State of Maine. In 2014, the company maintained a 99.94% accuracy rate with a voice picking solution at its 200,000 square-foot distribution center in Augusta, Maine. With 30,000 bottles being picked every weekday, even that “near perfect” rate allowed about 100 claims of incorrect shipments per month. Nick Alberding, CEO and Owner of Pine State Spirits decided to seek a “pitch perfect” solution to close that gap in the family-owned business’s profitability.

ProCat’s PickRight software is an ideal solution for any operation that selects products from storage locations for shipping or delivery and expects both high accuracy and high productivity from its selectors. Pine State Spirits’ requirements for single bottle and case picking were easily handled by PickRight. The ProCat solution supports zone picking, team picking, batch picking, and wave picking, as well as multiple languages. A broad assortment of real-time label printing options is another major advantage. PickRight also provides over 60 management reports, including labor scheduling, picker productivity, restocking activity and product recall reporting.

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