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TaxRight software for warehouse

Cigarette Order Verification System

Recently, it has become increasingly important for tax stamp operators to improve accuracy, efficiency, and control over their cigarette operations. In the tax stamping industry, SKU’s are vastly varied, and the government demands specific regulations and costs. One slight misstep could result in costly repercussions. This requires operators to utilize solutions that eliminate costly mispicks, enhance their workflow, and provide the reporting and tracking tools they need for government compliance.

To avoid mispicks and stamping errors, ProCat Distribution Technologies has developed systems that help tobacco wholesalers meet any stamping challenges that may arise. TaxRight, Procat’s industry-leading solution for stamping operators, is a reliable cigarette order verification system.

Confirm Accuracy

TaxRight interfaces with your cigarette stamping equipment, allowing the stamper to confirm the accuracy of the order picked prior to applying the tax stamp. If a mispick or overage occurs, TaxRight can stop the stamping machine before the tax stamp can be applied.

Confirming Tax Jurisdictions

Besides confirming the order is picked correctly, TaxRight can also identify jurisdictional changes by alerting the operator when stamps need to be changed. This results in completely accurately stamped orders, eliminating costly incorrect stamp application.

Stamp Usage Reporting

TaxRight’s robust reporting system allows for real-time information about cartons that have been stamped. Reports will automatically be updated to confirm accuracy.

Stamp Management System

The Stamp Management System (SMS) is an optional add-on to TaxRight. SMS is a management tool that provides real-time perpetual tracking of tax stamps and managing stamp inventory. Jurisdictional tax stamps may be the costliest component of any stamping operation, which means that their management is a very critical component in operational cost control. SMS gives wholesalers the control they need to monitor and manage their tax stamp inventory.

Tax-Right MSA – Technology for MSA Compliance

Tax-Right MSA can help prevent cigarette manufacturers from disputing the State’s diligent enforcement of its model statute.


If you’re interested in improving stamping accuracy, contact ProCat today to learn more about TaxRight technology.