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Every day more distribution centers are rethinking the traditional approach of key warehouse processes. Modernizing one’s business can be tricky: there needs to be an emphasis on processes such as data collection, workplace communication, delivery accuracy, and the installation and integration of new products and services into the pre-existing supply chain.

Thanks to the available products from Zebra, warehouses can get the most out of their investment in these services. Improvements in RFID tracking and asset management can help a business keep up with any inventory spikes or growth. Automation through these available services can help make smaller tasks less hands-on. With so much to consider in achieving a modern warehouse, Zebra tools and software can work to improve accuracy and productivity.

However, there can be a lot to consider when it comes time to install these solutions. It raises the question: what are the most important things to consider when looking to improve one’s warehouse?

4 Important Bullet Points to Check Off with Warehouse Modernization

With the proper tools and services, warehouse modernization is now more achievable than ever before. It’s important to organize an internal look into what exactly is needed based on your company’s needs before a solution can be created. Here are four factors to consider:

  1. Device connectivity – Whether it’s a mobile device or a barcode scanner, one of the most crucial parts of warehouse modernization is network accessibility. With solutions from Zebra, warehouses can connect with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G for faster, wireless speeds and connectivity.
  2. Reduce operational costs – Budget expectations are an important part of warehouse improvement. Outside of initial costs, there may be long-term maintenance or monthly fees to consider as well. Zebra tools and services are designed to last, with easier integration and an overall more comfortable user experience. These devices are ready-to-use without disrupting the flow of pre-established workflows.
  3. Inventory control – A growing warehouse hopefully means a larger volume of inventory flowing in and out. Asset management with Zebra helps to prioritize inventory visibility, with state-of-the-art RFID technology, featuring products such as barcode scanners, mobile printers, and more.
  4. Better team communication – Your team needs to be on the same page, whether it’s relaying data between workers or getting in touch with a supervisor on an important question. Unifying your team means creating a reliable communication channel. With Zebra, enhance these channels with voice capabilities and software, and user-friendly items.

Creating a fully customizable solution for your warehouse should be both easy and worth the investment. With the available solutions and resources from ProCat, both of these points can be achieved. Our distribution solutions and services are ready to help your business. Let’s take the first step together.

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