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It’s been almost 13 years since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law. It gave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a stronger presence in food safety and regulation. It also set up new rules and regulations for food facilities and other key stakeholders such as restaurants, distributors, and retail food establishments (RFEs). One rule in particular that establishes a stricter traceability system is FSMA 204, which goes into effect in January of 2026.

True end-to-end traceability for food products is established by FSMA 204. The emphasis is on using digital recordkeeping and tech-enabled traceability systems to achieve this goal. ProCat’s foodservice solutions and resources can give food facilities the confidence they need to game plan for FSMA 204 before the calendar year changes to 2026.

Four Benefits to Utilizing ProCat’s Track and Trace Solution

ProCat Track and Trace software solution can allow food companies to track produce and other food items from the moment they enter the facility to the minute they arrive at their destination. With a better sense of inventory visibility, it’s no secret the benefits of utilizing ProCat’s tracking and tracing services:

  1. Improved Receiving – ProCat’s ReceiveRight software allows businesses to confirm the right products are being received, with an emphasis on capturing data upon arrival and collecting information such as expiration dates.
  2. Cycle Counting – CountRight from ProCat gives food stakeholders a breath of relief, as it ensures the location of all products within their building, allowing for cycle counting and full inventory acquirement.
  3. Inventory Management – Enable workers with complete inventory information and proper product rotation with ProCat’s StockRight management software. This includes keeping track of product locations, which can allow for freshness and preservation of perishable items.
  4. Proper Picking – Your business should have confidence when customer orders filter in. ProCat’s PickRight service scans picked products to ensure accuracy and proper reporting.

Traceability in the food industry shouldn’t be a challenge. Experience the ProCat Difference with a suite of applications that will work for you. Reach out to one of our distribution experts today to learn more.

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