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The food industry is constantly in search of a better way to both track and trace their assets. Discovering a seamless data collection tool shouldn’t be a puzzle. GS1 Barcode Labels are a perfect tool for improving food tracking.

But what are GS1 labels? GS1 labels are a type of barcode label that follows the standards set by the Global Standards One (GS1) organization. These labels are used to uniquely identify products, locations, and assets in the supply chain and retail industry. They contain important details such as a product’s GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), batch or lot number, expiry date, and serial number. GS1 labels are helpful in accurately tracking products, improving inventory management, reducing waste, and ensuring customer safety.

Traceability within the food industry has become a crucial aspect for companies to maintain their standing in the market. GS1 Barcode Labels are an excellent solution to address this challenge. These labels help in capturing catch weights, lot numbers, expiration dates, and temperature, enabling businesses to track key data elements at receiving, picking, and delivery. Additionally, GS1 Barcode Labels support FSMA Rule 204 Food Traceability Requirements, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Capitalize on GS1 Labels with a ProCat Solution

Improving food traceability with GSI Labels is where ProCat’s core solutions can help. ProCat’s PickRight order-picking solution will allow workers to print GS1 labels. It’s highly accurate and easy to utilize, allowing for seamless barcode scanning. Meanwhile, ProCat’s WeighRight solution specializes in catch-weight product labeling, considering that many food products such as meats often don’t come with their own labels. This ensures specific data is captured that food industries need to know about products such as expiration dates.

Implementing better data collection ideas for food traceability can be easier than ever. GS1 Barcode Labels provide an efficient and reliable way to track and trace products within the food industry. ProCat’s solutions, such as PickRight and WeighRight, further enhance the benefits of GS1 Labels. Discover the rest of our portfolio of core solutions for the food industry by getting in touch with a member of our team.

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